Farm Trip

Our very first field trip was to visit a farm right before Halloween. We boarded a hayride and traveled on a trail bypassing many apple trees. We arrived at a huge pumpkin field to explore and pick our very own pumpkins. We arrived back to view a bee apiary where bees produce honey. A narrator educated us on the process of honey production.


​We recently visited a local assisted living facility to pamper a few of the residents. The girls provided manicures and added very beautiful nail polish to help spice up a loved one's day. The residents and our volunteers shared memorable experiences.


We consider ourselves to be family and it's important to always share important days with those we appreciate. Casa Tia Emma would like to teach our young women the importance of thinking of others and sharing special moments.


We want to encourage good study habits by teaching the girls how to be more independent with their studies. Our tutors will help students understand class material, prepare for tests and stay on track with academic goals.

Coming Soon...

February 20th @5:45:

At Casa Tia Emma We will have parents come in and a speaker

from Cardinal Innovation health care. Her name is Carolyn Senick

It will be about health and stigma.

Please come and join us!

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